Senin, 18 Juni 2012


I know, “Without friends, the world is but wilderness.”
A wasteland we could be trapped in the loneliness
As if, buried and wrapped in the darkness
No one wants it, no man couldn't bear it

I say, "I will not pretend"
My faithful friend is a real true friend
My medicine of life I can’t spend
That will, forever, never end

He said, “False friends is like our shadow,
Keeping close in the bright sunshine
Leaving in the dark shade.”
But, you, my best friend, are not

People always walk in and out my life
But you leave footprints in my heart
Though you’re rather silly and never smart
My friend, you’re really precious and rare!!!

My true friends always see the truth
And all the pain of mine
Even I am fooling everyone
Everywhere and every time

To all my best and true friend of mine
When everyone hears what I say
When ordinary friends listen to what I say
Only you, who listen to what I don’t say

A true friend is my sibling
God might forget to give me!!
My true friend, you're really precious and rare!!!

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